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To find cheap Arizona car insurance rates there are a few things that you should know. Read this comprehensive guide to finding the cheapest AZ auto insurance rates and then simply enter your info in above to get free Arizona car insurance quotes.

Arizona has an estimated population of over six million people. Thanks to big cities like Tucson and Phoenix it is also a state that is known for having huge amounts of traffic. Some of the most well known interstate routes going through Arizona include Interstate 17, Interstate 19, Interstate 40 and Interstate 8. There is a whole system of complex networks that encompass state routes, highways loops and freeways.

With all this commotion, it’s no wonder that car insurance in Arizona can be so expensive. It’s also no wonder that many Arizonians choose to take the bus to work!

Statistics on Cheap Car Insurance in Arizona

Since Arizona car insurance premiums are partially figured by the geographic location of the insured, it’s safe to say that Arizona car insurance, particularly in big cities, will be more expensive than a smaller or more rural state. The average car insurance premium in 2009 for the state of Arizona amounted to $1,834. This was slightly above the national average, which is $1,794. The average premium rate has remained fairly consistent for Arizona over the last decade. It was 12% higher in 2009 than it was in 2008. However, 2008 had a lower premium than in 2007.

The minimum Bodily Injury Liability limit for Arizonians was $15,000 per injured person for a total of up to $30,000. Property Damage Liability had a minimum limit of $10,000. As with most states, Arizona requires that someone be found liable for a car accident, and only then can damages be awarded.

Arizona drivers had an average amount of major car accidents in 2008, certainly not as high a fatality rate as larger states like California or Florida, but with a concerning 937 deaths throughout the year. Remember it’s not always heavy traffic that can result in a fatal or life-threatening car crash. Sometimes it’s reckless driving (by the driver or another party), sometimes it’s just a freak accident, or perhaps the result of inclement weather. Cell phone usage while driving has been a problem in Arizona for quite some time. Drivers are not allowed to send text messages while driving behind the wheel. Another traffic law exclusively made for Arizona motorists is that drivers can report “aggressive” drivers to the police for citation.

What Does it Take to Get Cheap Car Insurance in Arizona?

It’s easy to see that the state of Arizona is serious about keeping its roads safe. While that’s a good attitude to keep in theory, doesn’t it result in your car insurance becoming ridiculously expensive? Perhaps not as much as you might think. It’s not only regional data that determines the price of your car insurance premiums but also your personal driving record, car usage, car make and lifestyle.

Obviously a long history of traffic tickets, car wrecks (even wrecks that aren’t your fault) and other altercations on the road will drastically increase your premiums. However, just because you maintain a good driving record doesn’t necessarily mean that you will get a discount. You may have to shop around and look up different insurance providers in order to be offered a more favorable contract.

If you try and limit the mileage you use on your car every year (such as by taking a train or bus to work, or carpooling) then you may be able to save some money on car insurance. Besides that, some motorists can have found that installing security devices on expensive vehicles can help to reduce grand theft auto. The more you can do to protect your car from vandalism or theft on your own, the better your insurance will be, since part of the premium takes into account theft risk.

What Are Some Little Known Factors That Can Affect Cheap Car Insurance in Arizona?

Just like your health history can affect the cost of your health insurance there are also things that can affect the cost of your Arizona car insurance (this is why comparing quotes on health insurance and quotes on car insurance is a great idea). Your occupation and your credit history are two factors that can affect your rates. Your occupation may require a lot of travel. Meanwhile, your credit history reports all of your dealing with creditors, as well as banks, utility companies and the government. Insurance companies use this information in order to create a story for you and determine what kind of risk you are. It should come as no surprise that discounts are given to older men and women, who have learned patience over a lifetime, and who generally keep older and more modest cars. Younger people, particularly teenagers, statistically are more likely to have an accident on the road.

Besides shopping around, and changing “lifestyle data” as much as humanly possible, if you want to get a better deal on your Arizona car insurance, then try the old fashioned techniques on reducing premiums:

(A) Prepay in advance for a six month period;
(B) Increase your deductible relieving the insurance company of paying for minor damages; or (C) Eliminate insurance policies that you don’t use.

Just be careful about canceling every policy besides liability. It does save you a lot of money per month, but it’s heartbreaking when you discover that you are not covered for theft, for accidental collisions or for other forms of comprehensive damage.

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