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Arizona car insurance costs can vary widely between the approximately 172 Arizona car insurance companies that operate in the state. Many insurers write policies that cover a specific niche market and are more experienced in the risks associated with certain categories of drivers. A driver shopping for the most affordable Arizona car insurance will want to select an insurer who is most experienced with writing policies for his particular situation.

Arizona Car Insurance Costs for Teens

The Arizona Department of Transportation recognizes that teen drivers account for a higher than average proportion of traffic accidents and fatalities than the general population. A serious source of distraction when a teen driver is at the wheel is when other teen passengers are in the car. The accident and fatality rate is nearly doubled in those situations. Arizona initiated a program called Graduated Driver License in July of 2007, which imposes curfews and limits the number and ages of passengers accompanying a young driver during the first six months. The new law has resulted in a significant decrease in accidents involving young drivers.

Making sure your young driver is a safe driver will bring you additional peace of mind in knowing that your car insurance rates will be lower. There are also car insurance discounts that your young driver can obtain by: maintaining a “B” average or better, being a member of a civic or community organization such as the Scouts or 4H, or piggybacking your teen’s policy with your own.

When it comes time for your son or daughter to own his or her own vehicle, choosing the right one; family sedan versus sports coupe, 4-cylinder rather than V8, and one equipped with modern safety features and anti-theft prevention can have you hundreds. Your young driver may not be the admiration of his friends for driving that 4-door sedan, but you will rest easier knowing that you will not likely find him queued up at the late night street races.

Teen drivers, as well as everyone else can obtain better car insurance rates in Arizona by shopping online. One of the best ways to comparison shop online is to take advantage of car insurance web sites that offer secure quote tools in which you provide information about yourself and your vehicle and receive rates directly from the insurer. This is the easiest way to get side-by-side comparisons from different insurers for the same coverage.

Another benefit of shopping online is that you can compare Arizona car insurance discounts from various insurers. Drivers who stay with a particular insurer can qualify for a “loyalty” discount, while drivers who remain claim-free for a certain number of years are also rewarded. Theft deterrent systems, such as LoJack can earn up to a 30% discount on your car insurance from some underwriters.

In these days of concern for the environment, insurers are also on the bandwagon with discounts for driving fewer miles and opting to drive a hybrid or other alternative-fuel vehicle. Taking a defensive driving class or other driver class can help your driver’s record as well as your car insurance rates.

Arizona Car Insurance Costs for High-Risk Drivers

Drinking drivers caused nearly 60% of the traffic fatalities, with 39,991 DUI arrests in Arizona in 2008. If you are one of those convicted of DUI in Arizona, you know that the state punishes this offense more severely than any other state in the nation. In addition to jail time, a large fine, and loss of driver’s license, Arizona law also requires that you install a certified breathalyzer car ignition interlock device in your vehicle at your expense. With the interlock device installed, you will need to perform and pass a Breathalyzer test on yourself in order to operate your vehicle. Also true is the fact that Arizona rates for high-risk DUI offenders are prohibitively high.

As a condition of regaining you driver’s license after a DUI conviction, you must obtain proof of insurance in the form of an SR22 certificate, which is more commonly provided by car insurance companies who deal with high-risk drivers. If you need car insurance after being convicted of a DUI offense in Arizona, your best bet is to shop for car insurance quotes from specialty high-risk car insurance companies to obtain the best rates.

Arizona Car Insurance Costs for Seniors

As is the case for young drivers, seniors face some challenges to obtaining cheap car insurance rate quotes despite the fact that they are the fastest-growing segment of the population in Arizona. Middle age and older drivers make up a population of some of the safest drivers on the road, and are recognized as such by insurers who offer up to a 5% discount for mature drivers

As you approach your seventh decade, your reaction time slows, your vision weakens, as does your physical sturdiness in the face of a collision. Insurers compensate for the increased risk in your group by raising your premiums. Seniors can sharpen their driving skills and lower their car insurance rates in Arizona by attending safe driver and defensive driving classes. Other ways to keep your rates down and keep accident-free are to avoid driving at night, use public transit, and drive fewer miles.

Despite your age or driving experience, shopping online for the most affordable car insurance quotes in Arizona is the best way to save money and get the coverage you need. Take advantage of secure online quote forms to compare rates side-by-side and keep well informed about any insurance rate discounts to which you may be entitled. Start finding the best Arizona car insurance quotes today!

Free Auto Insurance Comparison

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